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Possible answers

World capitals beginning with 'S'
Opposites. Either can begin with 'T' ie Top and Bottom
Famous people beginning with 'J'. So initials 'JC' ie Jimmy Carter
Type of clothing, footwear, hatwear, jewellery beginning with 'F'
Homonyms. Words sounding the same but spelt differently ie 'Hear' and 'Here'
4 letter singular verb beginning with 'M' e.g. Make
Fruit and vegetables beginning with 'N' or 'O'
Word beginning with 'T' containing the letter 'Q' but not starting with 'Q' e.g. Torque

Of the 64 question cards, categories include:

  • European Cities
  • Brand Names
  • Differently spelt words that sound the same (e.g. sea and see)
  • Animals
  • Television or radio personalities (e.g. Wogan)